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Years ago, developing websites could only be done by programmers. Luckily, these days, you can easily whip up a web presence without much technical knowledge. However, it still comes with its challenges.  

Even using WordPress, it is still complicated to start a website from scratch. With such a competitive market, it is essential that you have a top-notch web design. Additionally, it is also important to have optimized pages, SEO ready structure, and intuitive user experience.

Fortunately, visual page builders are getting better and more sophisticated. Making web pages is made even easier by drag and drop functionalities. Combined with powerful WordPress features, page builders can save you a lot of time and effort. Not to mention maintaining your expenses within the budget.

One of the most popular builders is Divi. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Divi?

Divi was developed by Elegant Themes to provide the most intuitive web page development to anyone. More than just a theme, it is a full visual building framework that aims to replace the standard WordPress editor. 

The page builder allows you to extend the functionalities of WordPress without having to learn to code. You can add effects, design elements, animations, and more. The drag and drop building mechanism fully takes advantage of true visual editing. 

Those with development experience can customize web pages further. You can easily add custom CSS to create advanced controls. There are dozens of unique page elements with thousands of design options that provide endless possibilities.

What is a Child Theme?

A child theme is part of the WordPress theming structure. It is a type of WordPress theme that inherits all the features of a parent theme. In this case, the parent theme is Divi. Child themes are often used to create a unique theme without losing the ability to upgrade the existing features of the parent theme. 

When updating to the newest version of the parent theme, you will not lose all your custom design and settings. This also makes it easy to create unique websites from the parent theme without changing its core codes. 

So, why should you use our free Divi child theme?

Child themes allow faster developments. Which means you get more updates in a shorter amount of time depending on the developers. Additionally, a robust and well-structured parent theme, like Divi, provides tons of customizability. This allows you to take advantage of its amazing features and functionalities while adding your personal touch. 

To get yourself started, download our free Divi child theme. This theme can be uploaded and activated on your WordPress website with a base installation of Divi. When activated, your Divi site will not change as there is no custom CSS in the style.css file.

This is a blank page for you to create your new Divi website without the worry of losing your edits when you update the parent Divi theme. If you want to edit any of your themes php files you just copy them over to the child theme’s folder and make the edits there.


To use this free Divi child theme you will need:

  1. The Divi parent theme by Elegant Themes.

The child theme zip contains 5 files.

  1. A style.css file which is where you add your own custom CSS to style your Divi theme. We recommend editing this file to enter your custom theme name and or company.
  2. A screenshot.jpg which shows up in your themes section – looks professional! This can be replaced with your own JPG or PNG file.
  3. A functions.php file
  4. A header.php file
  5. A footer.php file

In reality, you only need the functions.php file – but since most people edit the header and footer we included those as well.

Download Your FREE Divi Child Theme